Last year, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) was introduced to the world.

Although it may only seem like a good movie plot, the threat of piracy still exists.

This loss comes as a direct result of internet piracy.

Netflix also understood that to successfully penetrate across the target markets, they would need to tailor their online content library according to local cultural....

Internet piracy is one of the challenges that results from the use of new technology.

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In the Internet age, piracy has found a new ally, faster, with greater range and distribution, which is easier to access and without the hassle of an underground black market....

Music pirates are people who share and download music over the Internet without paying for it.

What international law enforcement co-operation mechanisms exist to assist in the investigation and prosecution of piracy committed in waters off the Horn of piracy.

Permanent Representative to the United Nations, only security and stability in Somalia will resolve the root causes of its current piracy problem.

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Internet addiction has the same principle of a drug addiction because both of them online release dopamine into the brain's pleasure centers, resulting in obsessive pleasure-seeking behavior.

Online Piracy Online piracy has continued to grow in this digital age

Poskim, the formulators of the halacha, have had to make decisions on a variety of topics to accommodate fast-paced advancements in areas ranging from travel (When does one crossing the International Date Line celebrate a holiday?) to home appliances (Under what circumstances may one use a refrigerator on the Sabbath?).

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Specifically, internet piracy touches on copyright ownership as well as fair use, posing a number of challenges particularly in the strict implementation of these control measures....

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Online movie rental businesses need to adapt to the fact that people may be able to download movies onto their televisions or computers instead of renting....

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With the ease it takes to go to Wal-Mart or Blockbuster to rent or buy a film, the online movie business has been forced to develop software and technology that makes it easier to rent movies.

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One researcher commented on the topic, saying that piracy has “…been romanticized in such films as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean” (Lunsford, “What Makes Piracy Work?”).

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According to the International Maritime Bureau (2011) report, more than 60% of the piracy attacks were committed by Somali pirates in the first six months of 2011 and many of the attacks have been east and north-east of the Gulf of Aden where is a passage for 70% of the world’s petroleum traffic and 20% of the world’s commercial shipping....