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In a similar project, every child in the tiny South Pacific nation of Niue has an OLPC laptop. In 2008, Portugal committed to giving Intel Classmate laptops to every six-10 year old in the country.

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According to Jonides, this is how self-control “cashes out” in the real world: as an ability to direct the spotlight of attention so that our decisions aren’t determined by the wrong thoughts.Last summer, the scientists chose fifty-five subjects, equally split between high delayers and low delayers, and sent each one a laptop computer loaded with working-memory experiments.

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Aggression was best assessed in terms of what Mischel called “if-then patterns.” If a certain child was teased by a peer, then he would be aggressive.One of Mischel’s favorite metaphors for this model of personality, known as interactionism, concerns a car making a screeching noise.

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We also believe that our graphical and user-centered design will work well with the XO’s child-friendly operating system and interface.

The Writing Lab's OLPC project also informs undergraduate work in professional writing, technology, and engagement.