historical discourses thereby creating new interpretations.

Hamilton, Paul. Historicism. New Critical Idiom. New York: Routledge, 1996. DOI:

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By considering multiple opinions on new religious movements as well as looking at the historical, psychological, sociological, legal and theological context in which these religions came to be and attract new followers, he is able to advocate for a more open approach to these new religions and offer...

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The period in which Brave New World was written, along with the historical and cultural conditions of the time, also had an immense affect on the work.

* * *Bernd Krysmanski, Hogarth's Hidden Parts: Satiric Allusion, Erotic Wit, Blasphemous Bawdiness and Dark Humour in Eighteenth-Century English Art, Hildesheim, Zurich, New York: Georg Olms, 2010.

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Both authors show extreme bias in their stories, making it virtually impossible to be completely accurate in their historical fiction novels
In the Congo, rubber was another good that was very high in demand, not just ivory
Achebe's village didn't actually exist, but was based off of another, real one.

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Digital information and communication technologies have played a crucial role of promoting the emergence and innovation of new business models, and also brings innovation to the management style of business....

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This New Deal put much more power into the central Government, but this was a necessary evil mostly in the economic playing arena of agriculture, due to the farmers were on the edge of anarchy....

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argues that the high taxes, special-interest spending to certain banks, railroads, farmers and veterans of the New Deal created an anti-free market as well as a poor business environment.

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Shows that many writers are ceding to the new historicism and socio-critical interpretations of Hogarth's life and art, or that they concentrate either on gender-specific standpoints or the text-image interrelationships.

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Points out the obvious error of hermeneutical textbooks that recommend grammatico-historical exegesis alone, to the exclusion of the New Testament's own typological method.

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Using Isaiah 7:14 - "a virgin shall conceive" - Shea briefly explains how the meaning of Scripture can and often does go beyond the literal and historical sense.