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These are just some of the problems that could be solved if everyone followed the Netiquette rules.

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Thanks for linking us to your" (To see Rey Carr's site[)It is also bad Netiquette to clone a list of links without editing itor giving credit (one or the other -- unless the list is provided forthat purpose like the one I have on my site).

Following the Netiquette Rules will help us have a positive experience on the internet.

Core Rules of Netiquette - Colorado State University

E-mail to a professor should be treated like a business letter – at least until you know that professor's personal preferences very well. Although e-mail is widely regarded as an informal medium, it is in fact used for business purposes in many settings (including Wellesley College). You won't err if you are too formal, but there is the possibility of committing many gaffes if you are too informal.

However, with new and stricter laws in place, you can land in trouble if you don't adhere to the various netiquette rules!

Students often tell us that they worry about how to address an e-mail message to a professor – especially one whom they don't know. Below are suggestions that answer concerns we've heard not just from students, but from professors. And note: use these tips not just for e-mailing professors, but people who work in college offices, your employers and job supervisors, and your class deans and RDs.

Proper netiquette includes not overusingthe

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Netiquette, or network etiquette, is concerned with the "proper" way to communicate in an online environment. Consider the following "rules," adapted from Virginia Shea's , whenever you communicate in the virtual world.

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The subject header should be informative. It is not a salutation line, so don't write something like "hey professor" in that line. Instead, write a few words indicating the purpose of your message: "Request for a space in your class," for example.

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Thisessay contains basic material that explains how to rate the "netiquette"of a site.
If you want people to contact you, proper Netiquette is that you providethem with a way to click on a link that sends you e-mail.

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