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In my report I will be talking about mental retardation and the different kids of mental illnesses.

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(Fiction) The story is about a family in the 1960's who have twins &one of them has Down syndrome. The father a doctor asks his nurse to take the baby to an asylum but the nurse instead raises the child herself. The mother of the baby never is told. They story is not just about Down syndrome but some really nice things are woven in the story about expecting your child w/a disability can learn, starting support groups, fighting w/schools for inclusion, the IDEA, etc. It also shows how a family is torn apart by an unknown secret. Review and recommendation by Deborah Safarik.

Some groups included people suffering in political prisons to the of abusement towards the elderly people all over the world.

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Over 50 first person accounts of what family and community life is like with a child or adult family member with a cognitive disability. Topics examined include family holidays, support services, schools, advocacy, siblings, emotional responses and creating a community of support. Many of these vignettes are filled with raw emotion, both of tenderness and anger (Source: Center for Disabilities Studies, University of Delaware).

Individuals with mental retardation are still ostracized to some degree but it has become less and less over time.

Immediately after her death, Ike stepped forward and identified himself at the Coroner's office as her husband to claim the body and the estate. A small memorial service was held in private a few days later on May 4th at publicist Ben Irwin's home. In keeping with her preference for small, intimate gatherings, only a small number of Inger's family and friends were invited. She was cremated and her ashes scattered over the Pacific Ocean. She and Ike had no children.

Buck, P.S. (1992). The child who never grew. Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House. (Original work published 1950).

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Four “moms” who have had a child with a disability talk about the feelings of loss, acceptance, support, set-backs, and rewards related to their children with special needs. Written in both first person accounts and from professional perspectives, this book examines the emotional, social, and functional impact of having a child with special needs (Source: Center for Disabilities Studies, University of Delaware).

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Nineteen fathers of children with disabilities write about the loss they felt when their child was born and regaining the pride in their children. They talk about their own self-awareness as well as how other men and members of the community response to their children (Source: Center for Disabilities Studies, University of Delaware).

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Christopher Nolan is an award-winning Irish poet and novelist who has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair, and writes with a stick attached to his forehead. Joseph communicates with eye movements, facial expressions, and body language that his family and friends decode, and Joseph used his language to tell his family and teachers at the Central Remedial Clinic School that he wanted to attend the local comprehensive school. While his family is completely supportive and respects Joseph’s autonomy, the board repeatedly turns down Joseph’s application, but Joseph eventually is accepted at the comprehensive school and finishes his primary education there (Source: Center on Human Policy, Syracuse University). Recommended by Mary Cerreto, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Boston University; and Theresa Rebhorn, Parent of two young adults with disabilities, Assistant Director of Publications, Academy for Educational Development, National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY).

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In this excerpt from “The Ecology of a Cracker Childhood”, Ray’s father writes to her when she asked of him to speak about his experience as a person who dealt with his own mental illness.