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Meld je aan als make-up artist. Wij zijn op zoek naar alle make-up artiesten in Nederland. Ben jij een visagist, grimeur, bodypainter, kinderschminker, bellypainter of misschien een hairstyler, [..]

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The steps above are just a general guidelines on starting as makeup artist business, you can bring lot of innovations at your own, for instance with your best work, attract online bookings and expand your market. So, if you’re really excited to become a highly demanded makeup artist, do not wait and jump in.

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Just like any other business, in order to succeed as a Makeup Artist you need to do lot of effort. It takes time and patience to establish yourself as a reputed makeup artist. One thing you must know right from the day one that initially you may not be able to earn good profits until you have a good , so you can start it as part time or on weekends. Once you see a good response, you can switch full time on it.

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In meinem Job habe ich mich schon länger nicht mehr wohl gefühlt, also habe ich mich dazu entschlossen, mich beruflich umzuorientieren und habe meine Ausbildung in der Make-Up Artist School by Ursula Haas in Frankfurt gemacht. Um Ihnen einen erweiterten Service bieten zu können, schloss ich eine Fortbildung zur Wimpernstylistin bei Xtreme Lashes an.

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In order to start your , you must have the best makeup materials with you. Get all the basic makeup materials and make sure you buy authentic products of good brands because you are going to deal with other people’s skin.

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In order to become an expert makeup artist you need to have hand on experience, so you must practice various makeup styles according to trends, various face shapes, skin tones etc. To practice, get your co-workers, relatives and friends. The more you practice, the better repute you will build. You may find it difficult finding many people for practice, so keep an eye on nearby weddings and other events where you can get more of clients at once. And of course, do not forget to shoot the results of your practice sessions.

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Not everywhere in the world you need certification, but at many places, especially in many states in the US you must be certified in order to run a makeup business.