The basic laws of truth and lies

The points I made are very good examples of why people should tell the truth and not lie.

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“Discerning lies from truths: behavioral cues to
deception and the indirect pathway of intuition,”
chapter by Bella M. DePaulo and Wendy L. Morris

People get annoyed by people who lie a lot. Being honest and having a reputation of never lying makes people trust them more.

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Three literary works–the book of Genesis, William Shakespeare’s Othello, and Sir Walter Ralegh’s poem The Lie–offer support that, perhaps, the truth is not always what it’s cracked up to be....

Truth-Telling in Genesis, Othello, and The Lie As children we are taught to always tell the truth in every situation.

Here's the deal: I lead a pretty interesting life, when I lie about it. And I often do. In fact, I’m lying right now, mostly. This book isn’t really going to be about my life (lies or otherwise). At least not in the traditional sense. It’s not so much a memoir as it is a meandering collection of essays masquerading as a memoir, including stuff that’s entirely made up. (It won't all be funny.)

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