Almost every Canadian can hum the original Hockey Night in Canada ..

For more than a century, Canadians have seen something of themselves in the sport of hockey.

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Personally, growing up I always aspired to become a professional hockey player....

Canadian Hockey and Canada In a report of ten pages the ..

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Nostalgia for the game, and the accompanying desire for a "simpler time," can be enervating, and this book serves as a bracing squirt from reality's water bottle." Quill & Quire"Canada's Game deals both critically and sympathetically with hockey's important place in Canadian cultural life, and helps to explain why - in addition to the nostalgic myth-making that surrounds the game - hockey is so important to so many Canadians.

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From the Gardens to the Forum, from the 1936 Olympics to the 1972 Summit Series, from the imagined depictions in Canadian fiction to the fan's-eye view, Canada's Game looks at hockey's ability to reflect Canadian identity.

Contributors include Julian Ammirante (Laurentian University at Georgian), Jason Blake (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Robert Dennis (Queen's University), Jamie Dopp (University of Victoria), Russell Field (University of Manitoba), Greg Gillespie (Brock University), Richard Harrison (Mount Royal College), Craig Hyatt (Brock University), Brian Kennedy (Pasadena City College), Karen E.H.

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It was in 1984, on the day after Team Canada had defeated the hated Soviet national team 3 to 2 in overtime and, a committed hockey fan, he was dying to chat with someone, anyone, about the great victory the night before.