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Despite the equal amount of happiness, the first one seems like more satisfactory life.

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My beliefs, values and attitudes have been modified and evolved from experiences and interactions with family, school, friends and religion as my life has progressed.

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As far as the social heritage, [we have] had to preserve it as Filipinos. We had to be successful in the general population and also to remain part of the smaller community. It is a balancing act between the public and private life. The thing that would symbolize the Filipinos might be the tinikling—the dance between the bamboo sticks, learning to move in and out of the two worlds with good grace, courage, and humor.

But for someone who is not at all enjoying life or whatever he/she is doing, one is too afraid to live life to the full, life is too long....

This essay is about my strong family heritage of serving in the military and why I joined the Air Force, some of my personal experiences that are memorable since joining, and my current role in supporting the A...

Their eastern culture centric and old-fashioned way of child rearing has had a profound effect on the way I lived my life.

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So this was our sunset routine—grab some drinks from Roland up at the Top of the Yacht Bar and have the whole aft deck to ourselves. Living life at a different pace. You’d be surprised how easy it is to adjust. But that’s probably just the rum talking.

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Herethe best way to represent to life the manifold useof friendship, is to cast and see how many thingsthere are, which a man cannot do himself; andthen it will appear, that it was a sparing speech ofthe ancients, to say, that a friend is another himself; for that a friend is far more than himself.

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However, if a person were to think about it, they would realize that they probably have had at least one memorable experience in their life that took place on a bus....

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In order to grow and progress in life we encounter different instances where we gain experience, and thus are exposed to all that comes with the loss of innocence.

by pursuing the small, happy life.

Events that contradicted my ideas of the basic fairness of life would eventually be explained, that was what growing up meant to me: at some point I would be seen as worthy enough to be given the key to understanding what was going on.

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However, their penchant for negative reinforcement and their inability to show physical affection never impeded me on having a fulfilling and moderately successful life....