Is Global Warming Fact or Fiction?

III Causes of global warming.1. Is global warming fiction?2. Is global warming a fact?

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Al gore in his 1993 book proposes up to 10 million individuals in Bangladesh will lose their households and means of sustenance due to the rising sea level. Owing to global warming, the polar ice cap melt will melt faster, and sea levels will rise in the next few decades. Where will the people go? Who will be displaced to make room for them? What political conflicts could result? That is a solitary example. Conferring to some estimates, not long after Bangladesh takes the impact, up to sixty percent of the existing populace of Florida may have to be transferred elsewhere. Where will they move? (Guggenheim).

Global warming, also known as the greenhouse effect, is a rise in the entire temperature of the earth’s atmosphere.

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Global warming is “an increase in the volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, contributing to a “green-house” or insulating effect that traps heat from the sun’s rays and raises the average temperature around the world” (Viotti and Kauppi p 543).

Fiction Global Warming -- the gradual increase in planet-wide temperatures -- seems to be accepted by many scientists and people now as fact.

Arising from global warming and pollution, coral reefs are languishing in the worst bleaching with the highest dying record since 1980. The coral reef forms a vital part of the coastal ecosystem. It forms a home and avails food to a multitude of organisms. No facts that those who do not believe in global warming have been provided to explain the phenomenon that is being witnessed.

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Less convinced were climate skeptics, who have long taken issue with the climate change movement for chalking up any number of weather patterns and natural disasters to global warming.

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The paper, which analyzed “two ice cores collected at 13,000 feet from Mount Hunter in Denali National Park” demonstrated that the modern snowfall is “unprecedented for at least the past 1,200 years and far exceeds normal variability.”

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How? The study linked the heavy snow accumulation to “warmer waters thousands of miles away in the tropical Pacific and Indian oceans,” driven by rising greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Dartmouth College press release.

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Al Gore used the polar bears on an ice flow image (above) to seal global warming icon status for the polar bear in his 2007 movie, An Inconvenient Truth (see National Post March 2007 article

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Polar bear experts who that roughly 17,300 polar bears would be dead by now (given sea ice conditions since 2007) have realized their failure has not only kicked their own credibility to the curb, it has taken with it the reputations of their climate change colleagues. This has left many folks unhappy about the toppling of this important global warming icon but ironically, consensus polar bear experts and climate scientists (and their supporters) were the ones who set up the polar bear as a proxy for AGW in the first place.

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“This lawsuit is factually and legally meritless, and will do nothing to address the serious issue of climate change,” said Chevron spokesman Braden Reddall. “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a global issue that requires global engagement. Should this litigation proceed, it will only serve special interests at the expense of broader policy, regulatory and economic priorities.”