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George Orwell; SparkNotes Staff

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George Orwell; SparkNotes Staff

George Orwell; SparkNotes Staff

from the privileged classes in England, which is advanced by Sir Richard Rees, should be treated with caution; it is by no means the whole explanation of 1984, and ought not to be taken as such, though it does explain something about the source of many of Orwell's ideas and interests.

George Orwell; SparkNotes Staff

Lionel Trilling, in his well-known essay, "George Orwell and the Politics of Truth," said with economy and restraint what many have said about Orwell: that he was an honest and honorable man as well as an honest man of letters.

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The latter two writers were personal acquaintances of George Orwell, and their books contain first hand reminiscences of some value which no doubt will assist in the writing of a definitive study some day.

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George Orwell leefde lang voor de uitvinding van internet. Regelmatig wordt hij nog aangeroepen als van de tijd waarin ‘Big Brother’ een einde heeft gemaakt aan privacy en persoonlijke vrijheden. Onzin, als je het mij vraagt. Vooral Orwells ideeën over effectief schrijven in zijn essay ‘’ zijn zeer relevant voor iedereen die in ons internettijdperk woorden aan papier of scherm toevertrouwt.


Finally Atkins makes what seems to the author of the present study the perfectly valid point that Orwell wrote 1984 not as a prediction of things to come so much as a warning to his contemporaries and immediate successors in Western society that these things - the horrors he described in 1984 - were probabilities if men did not become aware and seek to reverse the trend toward totalitarianism.

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The title year of George Orwell's most famous novel is nineteen years past, but the dystopian vision it draws has retained its ability to grip readers with a haunting sense of foreboding about the future. At the heart of many of the issues touched on in 1984 is a subject of contemporary debate: the conflict of the individual versus the state. In the totalitarian world that Orwell paints, the position of the state as all-powerful only heightens the importance of the individual as counter-balance. In 1984, the characters that Orwell portrays are all the more important because the only possible rebellion is personal rebellion, so there are no heroic plots, only heroic people. Orwell's anti-hero protagonist Winston Smith notes that "[r]ebellion meant a look in the eyes, an inflection of the voice; at the most, an occasional whispered word" (60). The personal has become political, and so increased tenfold the importance of character in the novel .

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In his final estimation of Orwell as a decent man, and an honest one, Trilling echoes the view held by most who have written about Orwell or known him-indeed, his essay helped to formulate this view.