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Major problems of today’s generation are laziness, disrespectfulness, and self entitlement.

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With the evolution of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, text messaging, instant messaging, e-mails, blogs, and other websites and technologies, youth are communicating in a significantly different way than past generations.

Generation X and Millennial enjoy being part of a team, but this is where they separate.

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Bill Owens’s 1972 book Suburbia met with immediate success for its keen observation of middle-class America. Owens had recorded a generational phenomenon: the rapid migration of inner city apartment dwellers to affordable, newly produced homes in city outskirts. He realized that this wasn’t simply a demographic shift but a psychological one. Social critics had mocked the suburbs for their apparent conformity and spiritual emptiness. But Owens respected the liberation that many suburbanites felt, and their determination to build better lives.

Generation X value flexibility so they can balance work and life, while the Millennial see themselves as becoming rich or famous....

“Generation Wealth takes us down the yellow brick road where we are able to see who we, as a collective, are becoming. Like Studs Terkel with a camera, Greenfield’s lens allows us to watch the transmogrification of the American Dream of success through hard work, modesty and discipline turn into a nightmare of conspicuous wealth, excess and addiction…Whether the photographs are humorous, heart-wrenching or both we never feel judgement, just observation and that observation gives us room to know we are all complicit in varying degrees.” —Jennifer Beals

The store was named the gap because it supplied clothing to teenagers and college students, the

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In fact, these descriptions are less likely to reflect the behaviors of individuals in Generation X than the perceptions of managers who are not attuned to new ways of learning.

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The Nobel Peace Center proudly announces that it will host the highly acclaimed photo exhibition, GENERATION WEALTH by Lauren Greenfield, created by the internationally renowned American photographer and filmmaker. This will be the first showing of the photo exhibition in Europe, which was originally produced by and debuted at the prestigious Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles. This photo exhibit, an extraordinary visual record and thematic investigation of our cultural obsession with wealth, celebrity, and image, will be on view at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, a distinguished arena for documentary photography and engagement with pressing social issues, from February 13, 2018 through August 20, 2018.

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The members of Generation X know a lot about Madonna, Princess Diana, G. I. Jane, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Mike Tyson. They know nothing at all about Kate Smith, Mother Teresa, Rosie the Riveter, John Wayne, Babe Ruth, and Audie Murphy. Almost without exception, their favorite role models are the type of celebrities seen on MTV, ESPN, and the cover of People.

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Simon Reynolds attempts to bridge the gap with "Generation Ecstasy," an exhaustive compendium of almost every rave-associated sound and idea, both half-baked and momentous, that traces the digital Diaspora back and forth across Europe and America....

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What all these statistics tell us is that the gap between generations is wider than ever before. There are five areas in which the gap is most pronounced: skills, knowledge, critical thinking, work, and morality.