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Especially the letters of one character in particular in Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austin.

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Through the study of the book, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and the poem Telephone Conversation by Wole Soyinka, ones understanding of prejudice and what makes up prejudice changes considerably for what could be perceived as for the better or for the worse.

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Being ignorant of what is happening or not knowing and properly understanding what prejudice is can make it easy to turn a blind eye to what is happening around you....

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“Why do [we] like Miss Austen so very much? I am puzzled on that point… I had not seen Pride and Prejudice till I real that sentence of yours, and then I got the book. And what did I find? An accurate…portrait of a commonplace face; a carefully fenced, highly cultivated garden, with neat borders and delicate flowers; but no glance of a bright, vivid physiognomy, no open country, no fresh air, no blue hills…I should hardly like to live with her ladies and gentlemen, in their elegant but confined houses,” Bronte wrote.

Some of the most memorable passages in Pride and Prejudice: ..

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These three texts focus on prejudice, discrimination, bias, behaviour and attitude revolving around the issue of discrimination because of the coulour of ones skin and the cultural and social attitudes past on from one generation to another.