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In their examination of the status of business ethics education, Swanson and Fisher (2008, p

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This is where leadership becomes most important; but not just leadership at the top. While we know that senior leaders set the tone for action, they do not by themselves achieve the outcome for the organization. It is how leaders at every level act to inspire and promote right action that determines the performance and the culture of the whole. This article addresses this most important contribution to organizational success, namely, the emotional tone that permeates throughout and how it influences the many choices made by those who lead and those who carry out the day-to-day activities of doing business.

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One of the further implications of the learning process discussed above is the need for leadership development practitioners to enhance their own learning about ethical leadership. Marrying the study of ethics with leadership reveals a new discipline of study with ethics at the core supplemented with content from several other disciplines including leadership, psychology, history, economics and ecology. Exhibit 2 presents the structural elements of the discipline of ethical leadership (13).

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Fostering positive relationships provides benefits at three levels of organizational life. It is important to the individual as he or she comes to work every day and engages in activities that can fall anywhere along a spectrum from rewarding and fulfilling to disempowering, toxic and debilitating. No less in need of empowering ethical relationships is the team, large or small, formal or informal, project-focused or maintenance-oriented—in every case it depends on supportive relationships among team members. Finally, the organization as a whole with vast spans of communication and disparate areas of responsibility needs a bonding agent to make people feel they are making a unique and valuable contribution to the whole. Ethical leadership across all three levels nourishes the relationships that empower human enterprise.

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The employment outlook is excellent: there is a national shortage of teachers of agriculture, and for the past 30 years Georgia has had more job openings than graduates of the program. Graduates are also eligible for a variety of related careers in agricultural business, leadership, industry, and government agencies.

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“Being a student in the agricultural leadership, education and communication department makes it extremely difficult to have only one favorite professor, because they are all so amazing in their own ways. I have had the opportunity to be their student, as well as their office assistant, and they are all totally wonderful people who are very passionate about what they teach. If I had to pick the professor I am the most thankful for getting to know it would be my magnificent advisor, Frank B. Flanders. He is an assistant professor in the ALEC department with an emphasis in agricultural education. He is overly qualified for his roles and executes them superiorly. Dr. Flanders has an array of degrees and accomplishments, and he has served in agricultural education for over 35 years. He is a remarkable advisor, friend and role model. Thank you Dr. Flanders for all you have done and continue to do to guide me toward success here at UGA.”

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more complicated and subtle critical-thinking and decision-making processes required to create an organizational culture where ethical practice and behavior become

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and improve the ethical culture among their executive and board leadership and within their organizations. Working with business and government entities, nonpro?t and