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The Civil War is also considered the first modern war fought by the U.S.

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Her story is entwined with the history of the Patent Office Building—first in its use as a federal facility, later as a Civil War hospital, and today as the art museum that houses her portrait--the National Portrait Gallery.

Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, signaling the end of the Civil War.

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The American Civil War was the biggest and by far the most vicious battle in the Western world between the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 and the beginning of World War I in 1914....

Revenue Cutter Service who served in the American Civil War for the Northern/Federal forces.

Gangrene and Glory presents the medical history of the Civil War from multiple perspectives: the Union, the Confederacy, doctors, nurses, soldiers, and their families. The closer look at the perspectives, medical techniques, and knowledge of the time provides a historical context from which to understand challenges faced by healthcare practitioners and injured soldiers.

The museum of the Red Cross contains historic Civil War-era items & other Red Cross memorabilia.

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Kuz, Julian E., and Bradley P. Bengston. Orthopaedic Injuries of the Civil War: An Atlas of Orthopeadic Injuries and Treatments During the Civil War. Kennesaw, GA: Kennesaw Mountain Press, 1996. (Grade levels: 11 and up)

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Savage, Douglas. Civil War Medicine (Untold History of the Civil War). New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 2000. (Grade levels: K-5)

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Freemon, Frank R. Gangrene and Glory: Medical Care during the American Civil War. Chicago: University of Illinois, 2001.; Madison, NJ and London: Fairleigh Dickinson University and Associated University Press, 1998. (Grade levels: 10 and up)

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Wilbur presents the challenges faced by Civil War healthcare practitioners, and injured and sick soldiers during the Civil War, where when the scarcity and dire circumstances of the war sparked medical innovation that shaped modern surgery and emergency medical care.

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Hannalee, an adventuresome girl living in post-Civil War Atlanta, remains optimistic and tenacious in proving the innocence of her brother, Davy, a veteran who lost his arm in the War and has been accused of murder. The book provides a vivid depiction of life for working class, white Southerners and disabled veterans after the War.

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This compilation of essays illustrates the challenging post-Civil War circumstances soldiers faced when returning to civilian life. The essays detail how veterans encountered social, economic, and medical hardships due to few government or private resources, chronic health issues acquired in the war, and a society growing weary of providing the veterans with support.