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In fact, the increase of prices on cigarettes is a positive phenomenon, which can be called a preventive means from smoking. If smoking becomes expensive, less people would smoke, especially among the younger generation. Children and teenagers smoke because cigarettes are affordable and the pocket money is wasted on smoking. But if cigarettes become expensive, pocket money is not enough to purchase a pack of cigarettes and fewer children become under the risk of smoking. In the civilized countries not only cigarettes but cigars, all types of tobacco (chewing) are taxed in order to have the maximum benefit from the harmful habit and to protect more people from smoking.

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Cigarette taxing is a very useful policy which is practised in all the developed countries which care about their citizens. It does not worth mentioning that smoking ruins the human health and in addition it is a heavy burden on the family and individual budget, because heavy smokers smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, which is not cheap. The country can not ban cigarette producing and importing, but can make much money on it, so the policy of cigarette taxing is aimed to earn a lot from the producers of cigarettes and receive the maximum benefit from it. On the other hand, cigarette taxes cause a problem for smokers, because the price on every pack becomes increased seriously and smoking becomes an expensive habit.

Today, while we are all represented in government and are all required to pay taxes, some still perceive the system of taxation as unfair, allowing for specialized interests, loopholes, as well as more/less taxation based on income.

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While most of us become stressed out and suffer financially from taxes, it is a known fact that we enjoy many of the benefits of the process of taxation.