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Many good argumentsare presented to support chemical castration.

The right to mental integrity defends an inner sphere of liberty.

Here are some suggestions: 1 The Natural Superiority of Women-Ashley Montagu2 The Descent of Men, Steve Jones3 Adam?s Curse,Bryan Sykes4 The Gynarchy-Aline d?Arbrant5 The Female Brain- Louann Brizendine6 The Male Brain- Louann Brizendine7 The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and How They Are Changing the World, Helen Fisher.

It has no near plans to make chemicalcastration a mandatory punishment for sex offenders.

“Chemical castration” for sex offenders.

However, this is too quick. Our autonomy-based argument for the permissibility of offering chemical castration to incarcerated sex offenders relies on taking the initial, autonomy-restricted situation of the sex offenders as a baseline from which gains or losses in autonomy can be measured. It appeals to the thought that offering castration will be justified where it does not actively decrease, and indeed increases, the offender’s autonomy from that baseline. But whether the initial autonomy-restricted situation may be taken as a baseline in this way depends on whether it is itself justified. To see this, consider a case in which A kidnaps B’s child, and then offers to release the child if B pays A a ransom (The case is modified from Cohen , especially 276–279). Clearly, this offer does not decrease, and indeed increases, B’s autonomy relative to the baseline in which no such offer is made. However, this does not justify making the offer, since the baseline situation—the one in which B’s child is kept hostage—is itself unjustifiably imposed by A. What A should do is remedy that situation; he should release the child without requiring a ransom. Similarly, it might be argued that if current incarceration practices are unjustified, then, rather than offering chemical castration as an alternative, what the state should do is reform those practices. If prevailing incarceration practices are not justified, then it may not be possible to take them as a baseline in the way that is required for our argument to succeed.

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The longer the pattern of deviant sexual behavior, the more ingrained the behavior will be, and the more likely it will continue. Also "higher levels of deviant sexual arousal indicate a higher likelihood that offenders will sexually recidivate" (Scalora and Garbin, 2003). Other factors that increase an offender's chance of recidivism are marital status and relationship instability, unemployment and employment instability, and age. Research about the recidivism rates of sex offenders is conflicting. Some research shows a marked improvement of offenders who have received treatment (Barbaree and Marshall, 1988); however, other research shows little or no improvement at all (Rice, Quinsey, and Harris, 1991). Not only is there a discrepancy between the results of different studies, there are discrepancies between the recidivism rates of certain sex crimes.

Voluntary castration is widely accepted because it is in the culprits’ domain.

The Castration of the American Male.

The study above mentions a finding that the female brain operates faster than the male brain, meaning the female brain is the more efficient of the two.

There is another method being used to give girls an advantage in the SAT'S.

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Scientists were unable to allow the male volunteers of the study to experience the female orgasm, as the male brain is unable to handle the abundance of chemicals and activity the female orgasm provides.

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One outcome of women being the better educated sex with the higher paying jobs is that in most marriages the wife will be the higher earner or maybe even the sole breadwinner.

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For doctoral degrees in the physical sciences, the average annual percent of change for men was 1.1% increase whereas for women there was a 3.4% increase.

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they were eveN a slight majority of it.

Dude as i said before , maybe what you're saying is true , plus academics and politics aren't everything , plus even if they were we men arent gonna become slaves and what not dude , it can't be , it just doesn't work like that plus even if they did men would just revolt and we are by evolution physically stronger , so that wouldn't be a problem , plus males aren't that stupid and they can ( if women have all the jobs and what not ) like get the country to help them , just like somewhere ( in israel here ) there are special seats in the parlament reserved for women So if women get superior and take all the positions and what not dude , men can get help easily ,

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Consider the conditions of women a hundred years ago when they couldn???t even vote and today when they are governors, senators, representatives, Supreme Court judges, and secretaries of state and other cabinet posts.