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An essay on the positive and negative effects of caffeine on our body and brain.
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there appears no effect among men with caffeine consumption

Although some studies have already been performed in humans as described, only 1 study was performed in animal model and only 1 study in cell culture [, ], showing the lack of mechanistic studies. Also, studies showing that those supplements are safe and well tolerated were from groups sponsored by its manufacturer, the USP labs [, , , ]. On the other hand, those studies showing serious adverse effects associated with OEP consumption were associated with poisoning or ingestion of a huge or unadvertised amount of the supplement. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of known doses of OEP on physical performance, skeletal muscle oxidative stress and metabolism in animal model.

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Caffeine Content Analysis In Energy Drinks Biology Essay

When you ingest and metabolize caffeine into your body, you are setting up a cause and effect situation, the result of which makes you more alert .The Effects of Caffeine and Energy Drinks.

The per capita consumption level of caffeine for consumers of all ages is approximately 120mg/day [4].
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few to no side effects at all, and can help individuals by increasing their levels of happiness, energy, alertness, and sociability.A stroboscopic method is a method used to investigate the effect of caffeine on daphnia heart rate.

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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the history of caffeine, how the body processes caffeine, and possible side effects of excessive caffeine .Caffeine Content Analysis In Energy Drinks Biology Essay.

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Our results suggest that doses maximum and not recommended of OEP ingested acutely presents a stimulating effect on the ability to exercise. However, the use of these doses for 4 weeks showed antioxidant effects in the soleus muscle and liver. Also, consumption of doses greater than the recommended amount may have contributed to suppressed soleus PGC-1α mRNA expression and reduced physical performance of supplemented animals.

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Running distance and running time increased after acute administration of 12.9 mg OEP/kg (2.6-fold) and 25.8 mg OEP/kg (2.8-fold). Since no effect on the exercise tolerance test was observed at the lower OEP dose (4.3 mg OEP/kg), this group was removed from further analyzes. On other hand, running distance and running time decreased after daily supplementation for 4 weeks also in both groups (64% in 12.9 mg OEP/kg and 72% in 25.8 mg OEP/kg). Chronic supplementation at both 12.9 and 25.8 mg OEP/kg decreased TBARS levels in soleus muscle (36 and 31%) and liver (43 and 25%). AOPP was also decreased by both doses in the liver (39 and 45%). Chronic administration of the highest dose, 25.8 mg OEP/kg, was able to reduce mRNA expression of PGC-1α in soleus muscle (25%). No effect was found in other analyses such as spontaneous physical activity, body weight, food and water intake, hepatic toxicity, cardiac oxidative stress and mitochondrial DNA amount.

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OxyElite Pro (OEP) is a dietary supplement to increase metabolism which contains as key stimulant the ingredient 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA). Serious adverse effects have been reported after OEP consumption however, these effects are related to poisoning or overdose. To our knowledge, no one studied the effects of OEP at controlled doses. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate acute and chronic OEP affects, at controlled doses in Wistar rats, on physical performance, metabolic parameters, liver injury markers and oxidative stress markers and mitochondrial biogenesis in skeletal muscle.

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Questions are constantly being thrown around such as “How does it affect the body?” and “What good does it do for a person?” Researchers have tried to answer these questions with studies and they have shown how positive medical marijuana can be.