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That’s only natural since Liberia, whose capitol is named after President James Monroes, is the country that American blacks founded the first and last time they made a real effort as freed slaves to return to Africa. The whacked out and hustling spokesmen in this clip make it clear that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are pikers when it comes to race hustling and extortion. In fact, if Sharpton or Jackson ever showed up running their games in Liberia, they would be lunch for these crack-powered cannibals.

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There are many things that we could do to help the environment

“Overall, I’d give this an A for persuasion technique. President Trump made his points without going over the top, and without giving his critics fodder for counter-persuasion. Considering all the ways this could have gone wrong, it’s impressive how many traps he avoided while hitting his targets. This is the sort of persuasion you only see from a very stable genius.”


Well, a few weeks later, the best minds in physics came together again, and determined that the total number of galaxies in the universe was NOT in fact, a hundred billion. They were off. Not by a few thousand, or a few million, or few billion, or even a few hundred billion. The were . But here’s the point, Rebecca – when I narrate this program, it doesn’t matter if I’m correct or incorrect – I always sound the same. And guess what? So do the experts.