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Here the author brings the latest information including autism tips, tricks and treatments.

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Initially collaborating online about therapies, biomedical intervention, alternative medicine, special diets, and doctors on the cutting edge of treatment approaches to an array of chronic and developmental disabilities, such as autism, sensory processing disorders, food allergies, ADHD, asthma, and seizures, they've come together into something far more substantial.

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A thorn in my pocket : Temple Grandin's mother tells the family story / Cutler, Eustacia.

; 22 cm.  The vast number of intervention options available for children with autism can be overwhelming for parents.

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In this moving - and often funny - memoir, the author invites us to take a peek into exactly what it takes to get through each day with four boys and one girl, and shows us the beauty and wonder of a child who views the world through a different lens.

; 23 cm.  In this book the authors offer themselves as scouts in the field with valuable information to share.

The authors cover a wide range of mental health problems experienced by children with ASD, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, psychosis, stress, tics and depression, and illustrate these issues with case studies.

The authors outine the pivotal steps parents can take to optimize learning and functioning of their child.

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The content is aimed at pre-school children at an early stage of communication, but many of the ideas can be usefully applied to children of school age if they are at that stage of development.

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The green zone conversation book : finding common ground in conversation for children on the autism spectrum / Shaul, Joel.

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It includes a CD of printable agreements.

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First steps in intervention with your child with autism : frameworks for communication / Christie, Phil; Newson, Elizabeth; Prevezer, Wendy; Chandler, Susie.

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The author has used a scale of one to five to rate stress so that children can identify when they are becoming stressed and learn to take measures to control it.

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Building communication skills in people with autism spectrum disorder / AUTISM ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA.

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In addition to AVB, the book presents other methods (PECS, sign language, video modeling, scripts, and Social Stories) and provides helpful suggestions on how parents can support the process by teaching and reinforcing communication skills at home.

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More than words : a parent's guide to building interaction and language skills for children with autism spectrum disorder or social communication difficulties / Sussman, Fern.

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It discusses a childs challenges, adaptions, and everyday activities.

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