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For justs, and tourneys, and barriers; the glories of themarechiefly in the chariots, wherein the challengers make their entry;especially if they be drawn with strange beasts: as lions, bears,camels, and the like; or in the devices of their entrance; or in thebravery of their liveries; or in the goodly furniture of theirhorses and armor.

Skillfully crafted armor decorations proclaim great battles and fierce hunts.

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I cannot say we slew him. The rot in the soul of a death knight is so profound that they are cursed to live in undeath unless they are somehow redeemed. But we put him down so hard we were able to strip him of his weapons and armor. When he rises again, he will be naked and unarmed. That is not nothing.

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The Term "Medieval Armor" covers a lot of territory. It pretty much spans most of the world and a very long period of time. This article covers Europe through the two stages of its Medieval Period; the Early Medieval period which was from 1066 to about 1299 and the Late Medieval Period from 1300 to 1600. Armor follows along with the political, spiritual, and technological advances that Europe went through during these times. And it played an integral part of the development. It was an important part of an arms race that grew, developed and got more complex. As an example of this we can look at the craft of metal working. As blacksmiths could make better weapons that were stronger and more resilient it was necessary to make armor that was stronger yet lighter. And this further spurred on the art of blacksmithing and the need to make even stronger and lighter weapons. This arms race wasn't just in the strength and durability of weapons it also affected the design of weapons. Percussive weapons like maces and hammers were very effective against chainmail which spurred on the development of plate armor. Armor, which was difficult to penetrate brought about a rise in thinner and sharper weapons that could pierce or find openings between plates. This development came about with the increasing ability of forging better weapons. The Medieval Periods were an interesting time in the development of Medieval armor.

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extremities like arms and legs. A garment was added under the armor. It was a quilted and padded garment called a gambeson. One of the important developments in medieval armor during this century was the expansion to covering of more of the body. It is during this century that the Greaves or 'leg guards' for lower legs, cuisses for the thighs, poleyns for the knees and coters for the elbows made their appearance. It is toward the end of this century that metal gauntlet hand covering first came into use, replacing mail gauntlets. And the common kite and circular shield were often replaced by the heater shield which was smaller and less cumbersome. Toward the end of the 13th century the surcoat came into use. This was a sleeveless cloth gown that a knight wore over his armor.

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The 11th Century was a time of big change in the history of Europe. It was coming out of the Dark Ages and ntering the Middle Ages. There were several times of armor that were most common during the 11th century. Platemail wasn't in use yet and the most common type of armor for the chest and the torso was something called a mail Hauberk. This was a garment that covered the torso and usually reached down to about the knees. It was made of a series of rings that were stitched or riveted together and armor made from this technique is called "Chain Mail". Hauberks were also, although less commonly, made of a series of overlapping metal scales that were sewn or stitched together and it is speculated that this configuration was riveted to some type of undergarment. The picture and product to the left is an example of a chainmail hauberk. It also shows another aspect of medieval chainmail armor: the coif. The coif was a chainmail piece of armor that was worn on the head. In the early centuries it was worn along but as the 12th century came around it was often worn under a helmet.

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In a world where even toy guns are reviled by pacifistic parents there exists the extraordinary Eyewitness Book Arms & Armor . Studying weaponry is an unusual, fascinating angle on human history, as people have always used weapons to hunt, defend themselves, or attack. This intriguing photo essay examines the design, construction, and use of hand weapons and armor--from the Stone Age axe to the revolvers and rifles of the Wild West.