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This essay is about my strong family heritage of serving in the military and why I joined the Air Force, some of my personal experiences that are memorable since joining, and my current role in supporting the A...

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If you ask students currently in college to describe their experience, it may still be the best time of their life but it will likely also be described as stressful and filled with a variety of pressures.

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In my essay, I describe my military experience and how it affected my life. I describe how what I saw and did, and the people I met, helped make me glad for the things I now have and my life.

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In order to grow and progress in life we encounter different instances where we gain experience, and thus are exposed to all that comes with the loss of innocence.

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This episode changed my life. It helped me to understand that time with all people and things is limited. I understand that the only comfort we have is gratitude for the fact we actually had the things we lost in the first place. Though my brother’s death saddened me, I think it is a form of beautiful sadness because the only way his death could have made me as sad as it did was because he made me so happy when he was here. It made me glad for the times I spent and spend with people and the things around me.

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Choose something you care about and it will flow more naturally.

(a) Fallacy: If you haven’t experienced a life-changing event, you have nothing to write about.

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I talked about this event and how it affected my life in a thought piece earlier this year, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to elaborate on such a life changing event.

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Tell us about an external influence (a person, an event, etc.) that affected you and how it caused you to change direction.

There is no event that has so affected my life trajectory as much as my decision to move to the United States to pursue my education.