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Two of the strongest animals,Napoleon and Snowball (two pigs), think that they can run the farm.

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This modern danger, along with Orwell's expression of his own personal alienation, is what is depicted through the dark humor of Animal Farm and the poverty and paranoia of 1984.

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Orwell's sets the mood of the book as one of hopelessness for the future of humans. He contrasts this mood with a popular philosophy: belief in the progress of humanity and the ability of people to institute peace and justice in the world. These contrasting views set up the premise for the life of Winston Smith, who is one man caught in a...

He who wrote today’s greatest satirical fiction stories like Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four.

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The fourlegged animal slowly becomes the two legged enemy that was hated byall the farm animals.

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An excerpt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, By Roald Dahl, 1964 When George Orwell’s epic novel 1984 was published in 1949 it opened the public’s imagination to a future world where privacy and freedom had no meaning....