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Of course, nobody suffered more than my mother, but Dad you’re definitely second.

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Alternatively, this contrast could be interpreted as an indication that Mother Courage is morally

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In the juxtaposition created by the reluctant combination of the roles of the mother and the tradeswoman, it is perhaps foremost a tragic contradiction within Mother Courage's character, rather than her role as a tragic heroine, that is emphasized.

Perhaps the most obvious potential tragic figure is the lead character within the play: Mother Courage.

The role of such a figure is pivotal to the presentation of a play as a tragedy; yet it remains largely unclear with which character within the play this identity lies: Mother Courage herself, or her daughter, Kattrin.

Sarah Penn is an obedient wife and a hard working mother living in a small farm house with her husband and two children in the rural New England....

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Director Max Truax's stark but soaring take on Bertolt Brecht's tale of awakening class consciousness in Mother Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution should be seen and heard beyond its posted May 25 closing date.

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It is a flaw that Mother Courage consistently exhibits and a mistake which occurs thrice in the deaths of her children, as she is absent conducting business on all three occasions.

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Mother Courage, the dauntless marketeer who aims to profit from the ruins of war, keeps her lumbering cart of junk merchandise on the fringes of the conflict, traveling endlessly through Europe in the wake of horror in a 12-year...

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Nevertheless, Kattrin is on stage for a considerable proportion of the play, suggesting that although she may not hold the most prominent position, she acts as a closely connected tragic antithesis to the lead role, Mother Courage.

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In conclusion, it could be argued that either of these two women in "Mother Courage and her Children" could be described loosely as a tragic heroine, but I believe that Kattrin displays the heroism and virtue that are required to be considered worthy of this title: Mother Courage is absorbed in a society where the possession of heroic qualities is not only impossible, but irrelevant.