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A consciousness for injustice was always prevalent in the Church, but the “theologies of liberation, particularly the classical Latin American variety, evolved in protest against the inability in Western church and missionary circles, both Catholic and Protestant, to grapple with the problems of systemic injustice.” (Boch 443) To truly understand the critiques of missiology which have been articulated by Latin American liberation theologies and Asian theologies, one must first understand liberation....

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The development of theology in Christendom arose from the need for educated Christians of the ancient world to express their ideas in terminology familiar in current thought....

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As the title suggests, liberation theology interprets the Bible as a document of hope that will give strength and validity to a struggle against an oppressor.

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In addition to training students for professional competence, practical theology seeks to encourage and foster spiritual development in students preparing for Christian ministry and service.

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In self-criticism the creative use of the theological imagination is tremendously important. Keep asking such questions as these. (a) Can I take my source’s idea in a more favorable sense? A less favorable one? (b) Does my idea provide the only escape from the difficulty, or are there others? (c) In trying to escape from one bad extreme, am I in danger of falling into a different evil on the other side? (d) Can I think of some counter-examples to my generalizations? (e) Must I clarify my concepts, lest they be misunderstood? (f) Will my conclusion be controversial and thus require more argument than I had planned?

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2. Understand your sources. Scripture texts ought to be fully exegeted. With other sources, I generally write out complete outlines of the ones that are most important. If I am reviewing a book (at some length, at least) I usually outline the entire volume, seeking to understand precisely the structure of the arguments, what is being said and how it is being said. Those sources which are less important, that is, those which will be referred to only in passing or of which only small portions are of interest, can be treated with proportionately less intensity; but the theologian is responsible to make use even of incidental sources.

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9. Decide on an audience. Children of a certain age? Unbelievers? New Christians? Educated? Uneducated? Theologically trained? Professional scholars? Americans? Other nations? The audience chosen will have a great effect on the format and style of the presentation.

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From the Old Testament (think of Noah releasing the dove) to the New Testament (the sparrows in the parables of Jesus), the Bible abounds with aviary imagery. By taking another look at this imagery and helping us understand bird life better, Stott wants readers to gain a richer experience of what God might be saying to us through them. Stott fans who are not birders will enjoy this book for its accessible theological musings; birders who know nothing of theology will appreciate the lush photos and accounts of Stott's global birdwatching trips.