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There are two types of reference groups positive and negative reference groups.

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Viewing society in this context, allows sociologists to understand the foundation of a society; and the motivations / values that underpin its function.

Sociologists later abandoned this mechanism of change in favor ofthe equilibrium mechanism.

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First, there is a habit ofdesignating all of the better sociologi-[p.7]cal writingsof older vintage as "social theory." Statisticalstudies of suicide, historical studies of the effect of religionon the economy, informal observations on the role of secrets insocial life, and anything else written at least a generation agois likely to be called "social theory," if the work isgood enough to live in the memory of contemporary sociologistsand to be read and cited by them.

The emergence of thisview among prominent sociologists of the past is reviewed in HughD.

Thisidea, that there are [p.28] sociological propositions thathold in diverse contexts, is gradually becoming more of anestablished fact and less of a wishful hope.

But,apart from such facts, are there in the body of sociologicalknowledge any laws?

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However, since we sociologists are in a hurry to deliversomething else than promises and hopes to the society thatsupports us, a moderate encouragement of this procedure may be inorder.

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Looking at the most reputable specimens ofsociological research, we find, not unexpectedly, that standardsvary from place to place, from time to time, from topic to topic.

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In looking back at the complexities of evaluatinginternal and external validity of the indicators, their precisionand objectivity, the representativeness of the sample, the scopeof the data, the control of alternative hypotheses, the fitbetween predictions and observations, etc., one conclusion standsout: No presently known mechanical or mathematical device canhelp the sociologist in his decision to accept or reject aproposition; only good training and much experience can guidehim.

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Since symbolic interaction is a major realm of sociological studyand language variables are easily taken into the laboratory, itshould be possible to use experi-[p.150]mental design to agreater extent than is now the case.

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Comparatively few theoretical advances inother sciences seem to have been inspired by refined measurementtechniques, and I cannot think of any existing sociologicalproposition that owes its existence and plausibility primarily toa careful control of the errors of measurement.

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Since sociological problems often callfor historical data, efforts to make explicit the rules [p.126]for evaluating the reliability of historical indicatorsshould be encouraged.