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To enter the Tiny Texas Houses Essay Contest  and fill out the form with your entry.

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It would be a valuable exercise even if I didn’t send the essay to Brad, although I will. Everyone could probably discover new personal insights by writing down and organizing their thoughts about tinier living. It’s a win/win. No waste involved!

Nestor, not knowing who he was taking into his home as guests, treated them with great honor and respect.

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“Within 15 days of closing the contest, we will announce the winner. If the winner chooses to move their house to their land, and they will allow it, we will then track the house to its new home to see it delivered and set it up and post it on the web site. Hopefully we will be able to follow up with the new owner as time goes by.

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Come on y’all, $50 bucks? Really, if your really interested in owning this, bet you spent lots more losing on lotto! I Like the House, but, I’m already building my own, And, if you want to be REALLY selfless, send $50 bucks, an Essay, and DONATE the House to a tornado victim! Brad, you ROCK! Just sayin…

Would you please post a layout plan of the interior either here or on the essay context site so we can see if it will work for us?

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“Winner agrees to use of their name, address, likeness, and/or prize information for promotional purposes in any medium without additional compensation to the extent permitted by law.”

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Thanks for the support. I have to admit I am a bit surprised that so many people thought the entry fee was too high, but I did not want to push the number of enties required by lowering the cost and I do really need to pull that many to pay for the contest. I personally think this is a viable way to grow something that will be good for everyone.
Oh yes, if it were to fail to get enough people, we would still send out a set of plans to everyone. If I can afford it, I may ultimately give it away with less entries if we are close, but I could not commit to that in advance and it would confuse things. we will see how it goes and hopefully, if it gets the dialogue shifting to talking about building with Salvaged Materials, then it will have served its purpose.

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The bottom line for me is: committing hours writing an essay & $50 for a 1 in 1,000 (at best) chance to win is not something I would want to waste my time and money on. Also, I would be shocked if 1,000 people actually shell out the $50; some will, but I seriously doubt that 1,000 people will…

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Wow. I guess it’s true, no good deed goes unpunished. Fifty bucks to enter a contest to win a one-of-a-kind house? I enter juried art exhibitions all the time and the entry fees are at least as much. Brad’s houses are incredible, and built with the best recycled materials, and with the best intentions. Do you really think he can afford to just give it away? Who pays the workers? How does the company continue? Everyone one wants something for nothing these days. How disheartening to read these replies…