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When all the people came over, and San Francisco grew its population by about 36,00 people, it caused more crime, and accidents(“California Gold Rush”).

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A few years later Edward Hargraves's discovery of gold near Bathurst prompted a similar rush to the Australian colonies of New South Wales and Victoria.(Boisserry 11) Scenarios of lawlessness in the Californian and Australian goldfields became numerous.

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This short study examines gold's performance under the four most commonly predicted worst-case economic scenarios -- a 1930s-style deflation, chronic Japanese-style disinflation, a 1970s-style runaway stagflation, and a Weimar-style hyperinflation. "That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history," Aldous Huxley once wrote, "is the most important of all the lessons of history." Though I agree with Huxley's assessment when applied to contemporary policymakers and central bankers, I do not agree with it when applied to their counterparts in the private sector, i.e., the individual investors. As justification, I offer the ongoing (and long-term) success of the USAGOLD website as well as the soaring statistics of late on private gold ownership both here and abroad. Individually, we can and do learn the lessons of history even if we do not always do so collectively.

Black Swans, Yellow Gold is dedicated to those who believe, like Nicholas Taleb, that it is just as important to prepare for what we cannot foresee as what we can. Some might put their money on the latest Oracle of Delphi or the contemporary reincarnation of Nostradamus -- or even an all-seeing eye plug-in that can be downloaded from the internet -- but in the end, such notions are the dreams of government planners and retired central bankers. For the rest of us, a solid hedge in gold coins, as your are about to read, is the more sensible and reliable alternative -- a wealth haven for all seasons.

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Gold Rush keeps track of a group of out of work men who are ready to risk all that they have to become rich in Alaska as they mine for gold. It was launched in 2010. It is a reality TV show about a crew that mines gold deposits of Alaska. There are four mining crews in the wilderness between Klondike and Alaska. Christo Doyle, who is the executive producer of Gold Rush talks with people working in the quarries and their wives about the happenings on the home front and the plans they have made for offseason. This paper is a summary of Gold Rush of Alaska season three and the important leadership lessons learnt from the episode. The mining crews are joined to bring out the final gold sums along with the shocking and surprising preview of plans they had for season four.

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A vast amount of different types of exhibits, lectures, and other forms of public history have been made about the Gold Rush, making finding one that is truly unique difficult.