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Conceptual fiction plays with our conception of reality, rather than defers to it.

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These powers were much milder in comparison to the extravagances typical of the "long-underwear" superheroes of golden-age comics, and made pulp heroes even more believable for this restraint.

Unfortunately, readers of the pulps couldn't be very fussy in their literary tastes.

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Richard Powers was one of the greatest paperback artists of all time. He revolutionized science fiction art in the early 1950s, and over the next four decades — during which he painted some 1,200 cover illustrations for SF and fantasy novels, including Arthur C. Clarke’s Against the Fall of Night (1954), Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. ‘s The Sirens of Titan (1959), and Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle (1974) — he was one of the most instantly recognizable artists on the shelves.

I LARGER THAN LIFE HEROES It may be obvious to say so, but the heroes of the pulps were heroes!

We should not make light of the difficulty—or, indeed, the artistry—
involved in creating a successful work of “thick” fiction out of pure

Build up the pulp villain by having other NPCs refer to this person in terms of terror and awe.

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Is it possible that this
trend is reversing, and that conceptual fiction is now moving back
from the periphery into the center of our literary culture?

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Write how the director of Pulp Fiction uses NEO NOIR CINEMATOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES to convey the NEO NOIR FILM THEMES – NOT ANY GENERAL THEME – and how Pulp Fiction creates a link between the noir style and today’s film style – the neo noir.

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Genres covered in the pulps included Detective-mystery, Flying, Jungle, War, Western, Sports, Horror, Science Fiction, Romance, "Spicy", Adventure, Spy, and Fantasy of all types.

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Taking a peek at his mind-boggling list over on the Internet Science Fiction Database, one thing I noticed is that he is credited multiple times throughout the ’50s and ’60s for covers of . I’m curious now: was this the same cover that got re-issued numerous times on different editions, or did he actually do more than one cover for the same book? If the latter, it would be interesting to compare his different interpretations of the same work.

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During the heyday of the pulp magazine era, over 1200 individual titles were published, thought the majority folded or simply changed their name after only a handful of issues.

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The "single character" or "Hero" pulps appeared early in the days of the flourishing pulp publishing jungle, their adventures zigzagging a course through many different story genres.