When a marriage starts off without love and only good intentions....

Society also plays a big part in the gay marriage legalization process.

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| Essay Writing Resources" border="0" height="108" width="98">gay marriage essays Throughout this core class, we have spent most of our time Society comes up with so many reasons to stop gay marriages Some examples would be because of conflicting views of religious and traditional beliefs and the stereotypical views of gay people and gay families.

About fifty years ago gay marriage was completely illegal and seemed to be unnatural and wrong....

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Inclusion of scholarly articles will become evident throughout this essay to support the main points that will be made within this argument on gay marriage as well incorporating case studies that support both ‘for and against’ gay marriage.

As admitted in the LDS essay, "Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo":

Bushman does not speak to an important piece of evidence: Doctrine and Covenants 132. It clearly states that the purpose of polygamy is "to raise seed." It does not talk about dynasties or connecting all of human kind. At best, these aspects are implied. D&C is explicit, however, about the sexual nature of the new and everlasting covenant. Considering that marriage is about legitimizing sex, especially in nineteenth century America, claims of sexless marriages are outlandish. If there is no sex, then there would not be a need to get married. Adoptions would do.

The LDS Church acknowledged in an essay written in 2014 that of Joseph's marriages,

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An essay on was added on 22 October 2014 to the Topical Guide of the LDS website. The essay focuses on the polygamous marriages of Joseph Smith. In the 3rd paragraph under "The Beginnings of Plural Marriage in the Church" excerpt:

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The problem with the above quote is that it has footnote 45 which says to see footnote 6 of the essay "Plural Marriage and Families in Early Utah" which we have referenced above. So what is it: "Plural marriage did result in an increased number of children born to believing parents" or "Studies have shown that monogamous women bore more children per wife than did polygamous wives except the first."

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Once again, individuals who are ‘for’ gay marriage and parenting will possibly disagree and point out that a homosexual couples does not necessarily need to have children or the case that children will not be affected with same sex parents.

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The timing of the statement could be directly related to then President Bill Clinton signing into law DOMA, or the Defense Against Marriage Act, initiated by Congress in a bold move that “prevented the federal government from recognizing any marriages between gay or lesbian couples for the purpose of federal laws or programs, even if those couples are considered legally married by their home state” (GLAAD)....

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Everyone should be able to receive the same benefits and acceptance regardless of their sexuality so granting legal marriage rights under the law must extent to gays and lesbians to ensure that all citizens enjoy full human rights....