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Prepared and maintained for the United Nations under the authority of the Chiefs of the Editing Sections/Units, Department for General Assembly and Conference Management.

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Voting is one of the most important rights of people in the United States and in other democratic nations. Unfortunately, more people do not vote that those who do take their civic duty seriously. The right to vote is necessary to properly maintain a democracy. Whether the election is for a small-town school board or a national presidency, everyone in the community should get to their polling places to cast their ballots.

Under the overall theme of “Many languages — One world”, students are being asked to write an essay in which they are to discuss and debate the value of multilingualism in the broader context of global citizenship — one of the core principles of the United Nations Academic Impact.

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“Writing for the United Nations” is an online course designed to help you write clear, concise and logically organized reports for the United Nations. Each chapter includes practical exercises that reinforce the material presented. The learner can determine how much material to cover in each session and can return to the course as often as desired.

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want a research proposal about why united nations doesn’t intervene in the Israel invasion in Palestine. Connect that somehow to human security and the responsibility to protect.
why don’t they send troops to get out the Israeli from Palestine if the United nations are doing good stuff to people around the world.
does it have to do with their own interest?
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