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The Disability Studies Certificate supplements degrees in Special Education, Speech Communication, and Health, but is open to all majors who want to learn more about diversity issues associated with disability. The program presents disability as a social construct rather than a characteristic of an individual and focuses on civil rights; the Disability Rights Movement; interpersonal and interdisciplinary collaboration; and current trends in legislation, policy, and practice.

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“I am a biology education researcher, which means I use social scientific methods to investigate the teaching and learning of biology. There are two things that most interest me about my field of research. First, my research focuses on learning among undergraduates, and I often read literature about the developmental aspects of learning from little children to older adults. Second, I most often use qualitative methods in my research, and these methods are meant to provide researchers with deep, contextualized perspectives of the people or phenomena under investigation. I love the hunt to understand the subtleties and details that influence college education.”

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The study of English involves learning about language, history, usage, and the shifting cultural contexts within the English-speaking world. The English Department at the University of Georgia is a diverse scholarly community of over 40 faculty and 600 undergraduates who are committed to preserving, transmitting, and extending the rich cultural legacy of the English language. At the core of this mission lies the complex skills of reading and writing which help to develop critical and creative thinking, articulate self-expression, and a broad knowledge of literature.

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In his lab, Associate Professor of Chemistry Jason Locklin creates compounds that convert light to energy, biosensors, and a host of other cutting-edge materials. In the classroom, he helps his students understand that discoveries such as these are rooted in the basic science they are learning.

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Studying history means analyzing the many forces that shape human experience, and learning to see how heterogeneous societies are, even within a single historical moment. Students develop both depth and breadth of knowledge of geographical regions of the world, time periods in history, and thematic approaches to understanding social, political, and economic changes in human societies. And in the process they learn to handle complex evidence with subtlety and skepticism, and to speak and write with concision and force.

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Paula Lemons, associate professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, uses findings from her research on science education to design curricula for her classes and tailor her interactions with students to enhance their learning outcomes.

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Dr. Skobba has translated her previous experience working in the nonprofit housing sector to engage students in topics such as nonprofit fundraising, program evaluation and policy research. She recently co-taught UGA's first class on the tiny house movement, and she leads service-learning courses each year that impact her students and the community.