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I m a student of GT..pls send me the topics or tips for writing test related to this…

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I like Robert's idea of "building up your manifesting muscle" and creating confidence in your abilities to attract what you want in life.
The second video is great for it teaches you how to write a Desire Statement, which is a super-charged affirmation focused on attracting a specific desire into your life.
Usually Robert requires you to opt-in (give your name and email) to watch this video but he agreed to let me give you a direct link to the video without having to opt-in.

I am writing a essay on unemployment 500words have learnt from your essay thanks

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After I had cried a lot I understood that Rs 316 was a lot of money which is why my parents didna€™t want to give that thing to me.
That was the first phase of my life: hoards of unmet desires and a desperate craving for money which made me resent my parents.
Today as I write all this out to you, money dude, I am trying to forgive all three of my phases.

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My only advice is to review your writing for structure and linking devices, check my model essays for content of each paragraph and how to write topic sentences, learn the techniques for each type of question in writing and lastly check that your language is accurate and you are avoiding errors.
All the best

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Hi miss Liz, my ielts test was on 13th of August and it was my first attempt essay was government should spend money on international aid and when they disadvantaged people such as; unemployment and homeless. So I couldn’t understand disadvantaged people even I couldn’t write conclusion due to less time in addition I didn’t complete questions of reading passeges.