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Statistics show 45 percent of Americans set a goal every year to achieve weight loss/fitness.

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The Food and Drug Administration knows this truth, and tries in vain to educate the public about the only proven way to lose weight and keep it off: “Losing weight sensibly and safely requires a multifaceted approach that includes setting reasonable weight-loss goals, changing eating habits, and getting adequate exercise.” “There are no shortcuts – no magic pills,” warns the FDA. Nevertheless, American consumers spend more than $33 billion yearly in an attempt to lose weight (worldwide figures are unavailable). The weight loss plans range from the draconian (only grapefruit) to the lavish (all the red meat, cheese and butter you can eat), the products from the plausible (stair-stepping machines) to the frivolous (cellulite creams). And consumers, and particularly women, buy it all.

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They draw in the consumer by promising that their weight loss goal will be reached faster than it would be under other circumstances.

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Methodology: Random samples of herbal remedies used for weight loss were collected from several herbal stores known as Al’Ataar markets.

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Hi I would like to do a research paper on dieting . Actually I thought the topic :Does Men lose faster?
I came up with these questions:
2) Dieting
• Why do men lose weight faster than women do?
• Is it Harder for Women to Lose Weight than Men?
• Why do people gain all their weight back so often?

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As the pounds started coming off, physically I felt lighter. I slept well. I was in a better mood. But I also felt strangely furtive and isolated. I've told exactly one friend about my weight loss. (It's probably no coincidence that she's a fellow chronic dieter and lives across the country from me.) Trading secrets late one night outside a bar, a particularly willowy friend recently admitted to me that she'd struggled with her weight in college. And yet even then, I—who can speak freely about anything: abortions, boys, Rihanna—could not confess that I've been tallying calories for months. "It's a bargain I make with myself," agrees Wendy McClure, a friend and the author of the weight-loss memoir I'm Not the New Me. "It's okay as long as I'm off doing this by myself."

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Due to this incredible demand for immediate self-improvement, the weight loss market has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry preying on people who are uniformed about weight loss and the body's capabilities.