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I think it is unfair to simply label all universities as simply taking the money.

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"Universities UK members have severe penalties for those students caught cheating."
Some of your comments on this story: I am a final year undergraduate studying business, a discipline with a high proportion of overseas students.

I don't however think this is the students' fault, I am angry at the universities for taking them on.

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I'm a visiting fellow at the university of Buckingham, which has a very high proportion of foreign students.

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How many of them pass each year is a mystery, and despite their commendable perseverance, with many examples to the contrary, the presence of these students acts to the detriment of English speaking students.
Matthew, OxfordAs someone with teaching responsibilities at a prestigious UK university, I have found recently that significant numbers of overseas students (almost all Chinese) have been admitted with language abilities that fall dramatically short of the English test scores submitted with their applications, to the point that they can barely communicate.

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It was common knowledge amongst us students that our university overlooked their English exam results, or lack of, as they got an extra £5000 by taking an overseas student over an student from the United Kingdom.

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Higher education body, Universities UK, rejects the suggestion that universities recruit overseas students on anything other than their "individual academic merits".

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