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I I think that manners are important because if you go somewhere like downtown or something and sat down and eat with people/guest you should use manners like put your napkin on your lap, keep your elbows off the table, and chew your mouth closed when you eating. And you don’t so manners like that you will be an embarrassed be yourself and your parent.

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But, knowing the more technical rules, like what to eat, how to eat it, and appropriate drinks, silverware, and table manners, is more of a lost art....

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Topics should include:table manners, dining decorum, seating, dining styles, beverage etiquette, initiating, maintaing and ending the dinner, tipping, time limits, who pays when eating out, leftovers and doggie bags.

The title should be The Art and Etiquette of Business Dining

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Manners are very Important manners are to be respectful at all time For A Non manners Example:I Eat with My mouth out at the table & also chew lot at the table that’s what u call disrespect Respectful manners : I wash my hands before I have dinner That’s my personally fact

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I believe that manners are very Important. They show class and respect towards whoever you’re with at the table. If you’re by yourself though, you don’t really need to have manners. If you’re out in public then you should show your manners the most, especially if you’re in a high class restaurant. To be respected, you should act like you have some sense and grown.

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I believe that manners are an important skill to learn as a kid because they help teach kids skille that will help them in the future. Their peurpose should be to teach kids proper etiquette in case they need it for their future careers. Manners are not as important to to the rest of my family as they are to me. I hope to teach my kids manners so they can use them when they need to in the future. I think I have good manners and i like to employ them at any oppotunity. Some manners, like keeping multiple glasses or silverware, I think are uneccessary in this day and age. Others, like chewing with your mouth closed, are very important.

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I believe that it is very important to have good manners. Their ultimate purpose of manners is to be respectful and kind, as well as to make a good impression and come off as a good person. I believe that manners are very necessary in all aspects of life, especially when meeting new people.

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People should know how to live, talk, walk and eat when they are in society. It is important to know some manners which will help you to have a better impression from other people around us. The dictionary define manner as the way that something is done or happens. A lot of people do not know how to eat at table. When I was a child I used to take a course in my school which taught me how to eat when I am at table with other people. My parents used to teach me as well. Manners are important to know because they help you to give the best impression of your personality and your character. For example my parents have taught me that I must always say good morning, thank you, please and you welcome. I have to be kind to others and help someone who needs. They have taught me when I am at a table I must not finish before others and when I am serving myself I must not take everything I have to leave for those who are after me. I have received good manners from my school and my parents. In conclusion, I think it is a good idea to having some manners.