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If you takeNigeria as an example, the national literature, as I see it, is the literaturewritten in English.”Years sinceAchebe’s (in)famous proclamation, Nigerian (and Pan-African) scholars haveassessed and reassessed the desired role of English—a primarily coloniallanguage that Achebe also claims was “forced down our throats”—within Nigerianliterature.

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Ekpenyong enthusiastically—arguably even moreso than Achebe—opined that “the introduction of English as the Officiallanguage is one of the greatest benefits of colonialism in Nigeria” (144).Ekpenyong explicitly cites Achebe’s recentlypublished article and argues that to

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in McArthur 700-701).Both oral and written forms of English thushave a fairly long historical presence within Nigeria and the surrounding ESWAregion, which, one might argue, gives weight to the assertion that Englishought to be considered as an historical language, both orally and literarily,within Nigeria.

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