Rhetorical Analysis I chose Town Park for my descriptions in this paper.

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How is it Pathos?/ Who is the intended audience, and what effect did George Orwell intend for the pathos he used to have on that intended audience?
"I took my rifle, an old .44 Winchester and much too small to kill an elephant,"
How is it Ethos?/ Who is the intended audience, and what effect did George Orwell intend for the ethos he used to have on that intended audience?
Rhetorical Appeals (logos, pathos,ethos) of George Orwell's Essay
Quote 1:
"I was not squeamish about killing animals, but I had never shot an elephant and had never wanted to.(Somehow it always seems wrong to kill a large animal.) Besides, there's was the owner beast to be considered.
"I was sub-divisional police officer of the town, and in an aimless, pretty kind of way anti-European feeling was very bitter."
" I had almost made up my mind that the whole story was a pack of lies, when we heard yells a little distance away."
The audience was toward himself since he is thinking about what was happening.

Rhetoric used four different approaches to capture its audience’s attention: pathos, logos, and ethos.

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Objectives/Student Outcomes Using this Learning Guide: Students will analyze a visual argument with reference to its archetypical, artistic, and religious allusions as well as its rhetorical methods.

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In this essay I will evaluate the rhetorical effectiveness of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous speech and show that his speech is a successful argument for the United States of America.

The three rhetorical appeals, which were first developed by Aristotle, are pathos, logos, and ethos.

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This is basically an MLA 3 1/2 page essay based on Rethorical appeals (Pathos, Ethos, Logos). You are to find an online ad and explain to your readers why and how the ad is effective (or not) at appealing to an audience of consumers and selling them on the idea or product presented.

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Choose an ad that you can analyze based on its rhetorical appeals (reasoning, character, and emotion), and be sure the ad you choose is intriguing to you. Please make sure that your chosen ad is appropriate for classroom use and the workplace.

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If you choose an emotional appeal for your essay, select a question, fictional scenario or quotation to write the hook for your persuasive essay. The writer must be sure of the emotions he wants his readers to feel while they read the opening paragraph. Do you want your reader to be happy or angry over a situation, or feel sympathy and compassion for someone and always make sure that thesis is nicely tied at the end of your introduction.

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Rationale: "The Fast Food Supper" makes its visual argument using archetypes, allusions to works of art, references to religion, as well as a statement of contentions that can be analyzed in terms of Aristotle's rhetorical appeals of logos, pathos, and ethos.

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. Draw upon Module II lecture, and textbook reading to help you understand and meet the requirements for the Rhetorical Analysis Essay. Other than finding your chosen ad online, no outside research is required for this essay. Although outside research is discouraged, you may incorporate research if it has a clear purpose in the essay. Any research used must be formatted in MLA style through in-text citations and the end References page.