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Practical Life skills are the foundation of all other areas in a Montessori environment.

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Social Environment: Where there is freedom to interact, children learn to encourage and develop a sense of compassion and empathy for others. As children develop, they become more socially aware, preparing to work and play in groups. This social interaction is supported throughout the environment and is encouraged by the multi-age classroom settings.

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During the first three years of life children absorb and take in all that is around them in their environment. They absorb impressions from the environment, “creating themselves”. Dr. Montessori said, "The child takes in his whole environment, not with his mind but with his life". The task of adults around the child in this stage of development is not to intervene but to provide a safe, rich environment for the child.

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STRUCTURE AND ORDER: While Structure and Order seem counter-intuitive to the aforementioned freedom, nothing could be further from the truth. Structure and Order in the Montessori classroom accurately reflect the sense of structure and order in the universe. By using the Montessori classroom environment as a microcosm of the universe, the child begins to internalize the order surrounding him, thus making sense of the world in which he lives.

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The Montessori teacher is herself the indispensable ingredient which makes the prepared environment possible. All of the above elements of the prepared environment are created, ordered, modelled, presented, promoted or guided by the creative and obedient work of a sensitive adult, the teacher/guided who becomes the dynamic link between the child and the environment she has prepared. (Paula Polk Lilliard, ‘Montessori, a Modern Approach’, pp. 50-90).

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She regarded the environment as secondary to life itself – “It can modify in that it can help or hinder, but it can never create…The origins of development, both in the species and in the individual, lie within.” (The Montessori Method, p. 105).

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In her short essay, ‘The Child’, written in Adyar, Madras, India, Dr. Maria Montessori sums up her thoughts about the importance of the prepared environment with these words:

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We must become persuaded that the more the environment corresponds to the needs of the child, the more limited becomes the activity of the teacher. But here a very important principle must not be forgotten – giving freedom to the child does not mean to abandon him to his own resources and perhaps to neglect him. The help that we give to the soul of the child must not be passive indifference to all the difficulties of its development. Rather, we must second it with prudence and affectionate care. However, even by merely preparing with great care the environment of the children, we shall have already done a great task, because the creation of a new world, a world of the children, is no easy accomplishment.”

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Montessori designed a learning environment in which every piece of furniture, every material, every quality and characteristic was considered and introduced only if it served the best interests of the child.