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The development community and various governments are still locked up in the struggle of devising ways to translate their understanding of the subject into meaningful action despite the piling evidence and increased awareness. An analysis of the popular press points towards the fact that corruption is a perversive phenomenon that permeates ideological, economic and social divergences. No country in the world can escape the corrosive influence of corruption even though some societies are more vulnerable than others. Corruption has existed ever since men begun to form social organization. However, despite its seeming prevalence, there is no clear indication that it has become more widespread. The only difference today is that various governments have been unable to conceal the evidence of its vices owing to the availability of information about practices considered corrupt. The public has also become more intolerant of the practice and the values of democracy also suppress its growth.

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The structure of the finished Case Study is:
Short introduction
Case Description (In final form, should be no more than 1000 words)
Case Analysis (In final form, should be around 1500 words)
Short conclusion summarising the main points you’ve made in your ‘Analysis’
List of literature you’ve citedThis assignment is to be a concise word processed document and English expression is very important in this task.Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts?

Thank you sir for your explanation of the causes of corruption in india but I find our medieval mindset responsible for it.

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Firstly, the despoiling of the moral character of a role occupant, orthe undermining of institutional processes and purposes, wouldtypically require a pattern of actions — and not merely a singleone-off action. So a single free hamburger provided to a policeofficer on one occasion usually does not corrupt, and is not thereforean act of corruption. Nevertheless, a series of such gifts to a numberof police officers might corrupt. They might corrupt, for example, ifthe hamburger joint in question ended up with (in effect) exclusive,round the clock police protection, and if the owner intended that thisbe the case.[]

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A further point arising from this example pertains to the possibilityof one institution (the apartheid South African government) corruptinganother institution (the church in apartheid South Africa). Otherthings being equal, in so far as the priests (and other relevantinstitutional actors) in the church acted as Priest A did, i.e.,resisted the apartheid laws, the church as an institution would nothave been corrupted. Moreover, the apartheid government's underminingof the institutional processes of the church did not in itselfconstitute corruption, since the government and its leaders are notper se — at least in a secular state — role occupants ofthe institution of the church. What of those priests who complied withthe apartheid laws and did not marry mixed race couples? Here we needto distinguish mere compliance with the apartheid laws from embracingthe laws. A priest might have complied with the apartheid law, butdone so only because no mixed race couple ever approached him to marrythem. Presumably, such a priest was neither a corruptor nor a personcorrupted. What of a priest who actively supported the apartheid lawby condemning such mixed-race marriages as not legitimate in the eyesof God, denouncing the priests who performed them, and so forth?Presumably, this priest has been corrupted and — in so far as heis successful in his endeavours — he is a corruptor of theinstitution of marriage.

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The corruption of an institution does not assume that the institutionin fact existed at some past time in a pristine or uncorruptedcondition. Rather an action, or set of actions, is corruptive of aninstitution in so far as the action, or actions, have a negative moraleffect on the institution. This notion of a negative moral effect isdetermined by recourse to the moral standards constitutive of theprocesses, roles and purposes of the institution as that institutionmorally ought to be in the socio-historical context inquestion. Consider a police officer who fabricates evidence, but whois a member of a police service whose members have always fabricatedevidence. It remains true that the officer is performing a corruptaction. His action is corrupt by virtue of the negative moral effectit has on the institutional process of evidence gathering and evidencepresentation. To be sure in general in this institution this processis not what it ought to be, given the corrupt actions of the otherpolice in that particular police force. But the point is his actioncontributes to the further undermining of the institutional process;it has a negative moral effect as judged by the yardstick of what thatprocess ought to be in that institution at that time.