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EXAMPLE OF A THESIS STATEMENT (not necessarily from Socrates or Machiavelli)

Socrates and the unity of the virtues.

• All three counterarguments are clear and relevant. Refutations of these counterarguments show a strong understanding of Socrates and Machiavelli.

The trial and execution of Socrates: Sources and controversies.

The unity of virtue and the objects of Socratic inquiry.

In order that we may truly exist, rather than remain in the sphere of the things-seen and things-used, we must socrates essay quit the inauthentic sphere of existence Not to be born is best, when all is reckoned, But when a man problem solving 101 has seen the light of day The next best thing by far is to go back Where he came from, and as quick as he.

1. What distinctions can you make between Socrates and Plato?

• In the fifth paragraph, be sure that your essay refutes three counter-arguments from the other theorist (Socrates if your thesis statement is based on Machiavelli, but Machiavelli if your thesis statement is based on Socrates).

In Socratic questions: New essays on the philosophy of Socrates and its significance, ed.

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The relevant passages from Socrates’ discussion of the soul’s immortality in the Phaedo are discussed in detail, and set in scholarly background against Socrates’ philosophy more generally, as represented by Plato’s dialogues.

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I consider instead the problem of logical coherence in the motivations supposedly underlying misology, and conclude that misology as Socrates intends the concept is an emotional reaction to argumentation on the part of persons who have not acquired the logical dialectical skills or will to sort out good from bad arguments.

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• Be sure that you directly quote Socrates or Machiavelli, in moderation, to back up your three supporting points and three counter arguments. Be sure to edit your work. Write with short and concise sentences.

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The names of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are common enough in today’s culture. These ancient philosophers left their mark on Western society, shaping how we create arguments, how we reason, and how we study almost everything—even literature. We have even used their names in our language; the Socratic method is a way of teaching that you are probably familiar with, and we are all familiar with the term “platonic” when applied to relationships. Before we jump into a discussion of any one of these scholars, it is important to understand the relationship between all three. Socrates was the teacher of Plato; Plato was the teacher of Aristotle; Aristotle, interestingly enough, was the teacher of Alexander the Great.

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Philosophy is about questioning the activities taking place in the society. However, the Greek government was unnerved by Socrates’ philosophical deeds. The uncomfortable nature of the ancient government is evidenced by Socrates’ conviction and the subsequent biased judgment. On the other hand, a sting by a gadfly creates a discomfort and a reaction by the victim. Thus, Socrates’ comparison with a gadfly is justified and serves as a reminder to philosophers in the modern society to check on the performance of governments and state corporations. Philosophy is supposed to provide a solution to the problems crippling the societal development. A society without philosophers is doomed to fail due to gradual decays. Lack of accountability and poor implementation of governmental duties and obligations are signs of decay in the society. These will not happen if there is an oversight gadfly.