West Nile Virus also affects animals.

In the article, “A New Transcontinental Disease: The West Nile Virus,” by Alicia Campbell and H.

West Nile Virus affects the body just like the flu would.

"We can now clearly understand how these proteins interact with one another," said Richard J. Kuhn, a professor of biological sciences in Purdue's School of Science. "We can't cure West Nile yet, but we can now start thinking about how to interfere with these interactions, which could be a key to stopping the infection's progress."

First and foremost, mosquitoes are the human beings' enemy in the battle against West Nile Virus.

WNV is virus carried by mosquitoes and birds.

Scientists think that the West Nile Virus is a "seasonal epidemic", that begins in the middle of the summer and goes into the fall, or until it gets too cold for the mosquitoes to live.

The New York West Nile epidemic brought a lot of attention to the forgotten lethal virus.

The structure of WNV complexed with the Fab fragment of the strongly neutralizing Ab E16 was determined to 14.5-Å resolution with cryoelectron microscopy.

One emerging infectious disease that has been re-emerging is the West Nile Virus....

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue University biologists have determined the structure of the West Nile virus, a development that could greatly augment our understanding of the virus' life cycle.

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Using cryoelectron microscopy and advanced imaging techniques, the Purdue team has determined the orientation of the major surface proteins in a West Nile viral particle. Because these proteins are instrumental in allowing the virus to bind to and invade a host cell, the research could be a step forward in combating the deadly mosquito-borne disease.

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This public health issue has been established by the City of Fort Collins, a management policy and board has been appointed to oversee the success of preventing West Nile Virus in Fort Collins.

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Another way to detect the West Nile Virus is Immunohistochemistry which is when they take the cells of a tissue section by detecting antibodies in antigens.

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Viruses are among the smallest of biological entities, containing only essential amounts of genetic material that allow a virus to take over a victim cell's functions. As West Nile develops inside a host cell, several layers of protein molecules assemble themselves around the genetic material, forming a protective shell. The outer layer of proteins is often arranged in an intricate pattern of interlocked molecules that can give the particle's surface the appearance of a lattice or, in the case of West Nile, the fabric of a herringbone jacket. When the mature West Nile virus particle emerges, it is these surface proteins that interact with another cell's surface so the next invasion cycle can begin.

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"The West Nile virus is formed from three protein types," Kuhn said. "After the virus assembles in its host cell, these protein molecules fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and form a well-ordered symmetrical particle. From the structure, we now know, essentially, how the major sets of protein molecules interlock with each other chemically. Armed with this knowledge, scientists might now conceive of ways to interrupt the viral assembly process."