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Our relationship to everything in nature, if you live in nature, you have a feeling for everything out there. The trees, the water, the marsh, lakes, those things all have what they call spirits, to me, all the things on the earth. To use everything you need, you have to look at it as a spiritual harvesting tool. You’re not only taking the plant or something on earth, you’re taking part of the spirit with it and those are important parts to remember when we're harvesting, that's how we have things come back to us all the time by respecting it, and respecting the spirits behind it, not so much is worshipping the spirit you know, but being side by side with the trees, or the plants, or the animals their spirits, and we're all worshipping the great spirit. They give us all life here, so we respect the other plants, or the fish, or the deer, rice, in a spiritual way, because we believe also what you consume they’re giving their spirit too in our bodies to help us along, because there's a real strong spiritual tie between everything on the land and the people here. When they (human beings) have a tendency of separating themselves from the earth, they think we're separate, but we're really part of the earth. You can just walk on it. You have that luxury. When our time comes to leave this earth, we go back, our spirits go on, and our body goes back to the earth. So you’re never apart from mother earth. That's how I feel about it. Everything on earth, you’re equal to, and we're all under the power of the spirit, the Great Spirit.

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This story follows Fred Ackley Jr. from the as he harvests and processes manoomin, or wild rice. The ancestors of his community migrated to Madeleine Island from eastern Canada long ago, then more recently to the Rice Lake area. Their 12 square mile reservation was established during the , and the tribe finally received federal recognition and their Mole Lake reservation in 1937. In this excerpt from an interview, Fred explains the importance of ricing:

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The outputs include: construction of village/community water tanks; construction of water reservoirs for institutional and residential areas; upgrading of existing reservoirs, protective structures/access roads; promote/build household rainwater harvesting; construction of strategic storage water reserve tank; engineered or “climate proofed” water reservoirs; develop and implement Water Use efficiency Plan; raise awareness for water conservation.

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