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The Treaty restricted the Germans’ armed forces to only 100,000 men inthe army, no submarines or aeroplanes, and only six battleships. Inaddition, conscription was banned (soldiers had to be volunteers). The idea was to reduce Germany’s armed forces to a size where they could neverendanger the countries round about. German cartoons of the time showthe German army too tiny to defend them even against small ‘like Czechoslovakia. And Germany was at the mercy of France, whichinvaded again in 1923 to take in kind the reparation payments that Germany's aidit could not pay. Yet the Treaty excluded Germany from the League ofNations – Germany could not defend itself by force, or through the League!

Oft-repeated questions about the famous Japanese Yamato class battleships include: “What did the U.S. know about these ships and when did they know it?”

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She also responded by commissioning a build-up in her own naval strength, determined to outstrip Germany. In this she succeeded, building in just 14 months - a record - the enormous battleship, completed in December 1906. By the time war was declared in 1914 Germany could muster 29 battleships, Britain 49.

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The German public obviously had many objections to the terms of the treaty and this essay will discover what these objections are and how far they are justified....

This isn’t a simple question; the process is long, involved and full of uncertainties