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The ban on advertising tobacco is already in affect, however, alcohol is another harmful substance.

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Following increased restrictions on traditional forms of tobacco advertising and promotion in Australia, the cigarette pack has become an increasingly important marketing tool and means of communicating brand quality and image to potential and current smokers.

Achieving the restriction or banning of tobacco advertising is one of the fiercest battles to face.

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Smoking in movies glamorises and promotes nicotine addiction. Following restrictions to tobacco advertising over recent years, the tobacco industry has increasingly seen film as a medium for promoting its products.

As controversial as this is tobacco companies shouldn’t advertise teen smoking.

Though Tobacco Companies claim their forms of advertising does not influence children and teenagers, their advertising techniques and icons clearly have a huge effect on young audiences.

One of the goals of the law is to restrict the marketing and advertising of tobacco products.

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The case study “Ban on Tobacco Ads by the Government of India” addresses some of the effects of an advertising ban on tobacco in India, as well as the conflict of interest that the advertisement prompts.

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Although people realize that tobacco is harmful to one's health through tobacco taxes, smoke-free public places, advertisement bans, mass media, and health warnings, many still smoke with the influence of propaganda that cigarette companies have made....

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Wether it be the food and beverage marketing industry that “is associated with increasing obesity rates” (Lang 339), or the tobacco manufactures who spend “$30 million/day (11.2 billion/year) on advertising and promotion...