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Handy. FletcherHenderson had worked as a pianist and demonstrator for Handy and Pace'spublishing company. Thus, Henderson's exposure to the published AfricanAmerican music of the day would have almost certainly broughtHenderson into contact with Artie Matthews' 1915 sheet music for "The Weary Blues" and with George W.

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In 1926 Hughes made his pilgrimage to the "Empress's" domain. Bessie Smith was appearing at the Regent Theatre in Baltimore when the author published his poem, "The Weary Blues." He made his way back to the dressing room to pay his respects. Hughes was disappointed when he asked whether she had a theory about blues as Art, and her reply was that it was a just a way to make money.

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Hughes' use of consonance, assonance, onomatopoeia, and rhyme in "The Weary Blues" gives the poem a deep feeling of sorrow while, at the same time, allows the reader to feel as if he or she is actually listening to the blues sung by the poem's character.

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The long, lazy melodies and ornate rhythmical patterns of jazz music and the blues are really brought to life in "The Weary Blues" via Hughes' intricate workings of sound patterns that are cleverly implemented in every nook of the poem.

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Lawrence and “The Weary Blues” by Langston Hughes both poets use speaker, tone and form as part of their strategy in composing their poems, while they have similarities they also have vast differences.

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It is lovely to note that among his triumphs Langston Hughes wrote many poems specifically to be enjoyed by children. (1932) is a collection of fifty-nine poems, intended for young readers. Although intended for youngsters, some of the poems include more sophisticated topics such as racism and big conceptual themes such as Dreams. Some of the poems had been printed before in magazines for adults yet Hughes chose to include them here. He believed these poems to be accessible to children and adults. Poems such as "The Weary Blues," When Sue Wears Red, Negro Dancer," and more are not exactly sugar coated fairy tales, but tales of sadness and struggle told with honesty.

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With the consistent use of consonance, assonance, onomatopoeia, and rhyme patterns of "The Weary Blues," Langston Hughes produces a poem with a great deal of emotion.

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Here the person sleeps as if he is dead(like a rock), as he has no sound tomorrow to look forward to.Langston Hughes’ ”The Weary Blues” focuses on a musician in upper Manhattan.