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Edmund Burke was a British statesman, author, orator, political theorist and philosopher

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In this welter of contradictory opinions, Edmund Burke produced (1757); it became the definitive essay on this subject and provided a theoretical basic for the contradictory emotions of pleasure and fear that the Gothic novel aroused in readers.

The difference between brain waves is necessary in understanding two very different definitions of the sublime.

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There is relatively little recent literature primarily on Burke'sphilosophical writings, however ‘philosophical’ is defined,though there is much that makes reference to or use of them: thus abibliography of writings about his views on beauty, gender, andpolitical organization, as well as his literary temper and practicalactivities would be disproportionately long. The reader is thereforeinvited to range freely. The secondary literature as a whole is listedup to about 1980 in Clara I. Gandy and Peter J. Stanlis, 1983,Edmund Burke: A Bibliography of Secondary Studies to 1982, NewYork, Garland. There are annual listings in the Modern HumanitiesResearch Association's volumes.

I think the sublime experience lies somewhere in between the

They include nobility of mind, the ability to feel powerful emotions, aesthetic structure, beautiful prose, and enormous natural phenomena, like the ocean or mountains.

When the mind and body are unable to overcome a sublime experience, as Burke would define it, can it result in death?

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I believe the sublime experience achieved during meditation takes place within the visceral part of the brain, the area where thoughts and ideas are born .

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In order to be scared senseless or utterly astonished and terrified by a sublime experience, I believe there must be an internal crossing over the mental threshold- to the extent that the brain is literally traumatized.

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Sublime experiences such as these are provoked by self-induced changes in stimuli, and not necessarily by external influences on the senses. Thoreau describes boundaries between the self and nature, which when dissolved, help us to understand ourselves and our place in the world.

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In Burkian terms, in order to have a truly authentic sublime experience, the mind and body must be shocked or terrified into a state of total suspension.

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, Everyone should read Burke's manifesto on the Sublime and the Beautiful, it's delightful and lovely in every way., The Naturalist Revolution!

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Edmund Burke, author of Reflections on the Revolution inFrance, is known to a wide public as a classic political thinker:it is less well understood that his intellectual achievement dependedupon his understanding of philosophy and use of it in the practicalwritings and speeches by which he is chiefly known. The present essayexplores the character and significance of the use of philosophy inhis thought.