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Stephan does earn our trust as an honest person, and does sway our heart as he tries to navigate a difficult world. But it is mostly his enthusiasm for those he loves and his openness of the unknown tomorrow which identify him as deserving of the kind of admiration that is often reserved for those who suffer through the greatest hardships. Not only are these qualities what inspire Matsu to grow fond of Stephan, but the love and acceptance that Stephan offers to Sachi, almost immediately, seem to inspire Matsu to have a deeper faith in the goodness of people. While each of the main characters of The Samurai’s Garden have traversed their own difficulties and hardships, bringing each of them to experience their own individual loneliness and sorrow, each of them are people who posses the tools necessary to survive in spite of the world. What this story proves even more than simply telling their personal tales is that in finding the kinds of relationships and love that they find amongst each other they not only survive but find true happiness and purpose.

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Through all the incredible ways that they each have found to enjoy the lives they live despite the hardships and sufferings they endure, it seems in the end they all manage to keep each other inspired through the shear strength of their love for each other. The setting for Samurai’s Garden is rural Japan, as the Japanese Army invades China near the beginning of World War II. The bare bones of the story is that of a college-aged boy who lives primarily with his Chinese mother and siblings in Hong Kong while his Japanese father is in Tokyo for business. When the boy, Stephan, falls very sick, he is sent to stay at his grandparents summer home in rural Japan, where he will be cared for by the servant and caretaker of the house, Matsu. As we learn more of each of the three main actors, we learn that each are afflicted by a sense of loneliness that in one way or another overcomes their lives.

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Write a minimum three-page analysis of The Samurai’s Garden. Please use examples and quotes ( At least 5 and please put the book page number ) from her novel. Thesis statement can be theme(s), analogies, character (s), comparison/contrast, or classification/division. All thesis support/ examples/ evidence must come from the novel. Please write 5 paragraphs for this essay.

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