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Importance of Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac’s On The Road Essay.

Well, Kerouac found the novel in Denver. It was in a local park, watching a baseball game that he wrote down the notes that became On the Road. The tale of travels begins with his alter ego Sal Paradise heading for Denver. And there in the blue air I saw for the first time, far off, the great snowy tops of the Rocky Mountains. I had to get to Denver at once. Neal's hometown became the hub for quests in search of the soul of America. Kerouac's stream of conscious style came from the long rambling conversations he had with Cassady on the highways and in the bars.

Though On the Road and The Dharma Bums were Kerouac's only commercial sucesses, he was a man who changed American literature and pop-culture.

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As we fly over the Rockies, the view is crags and glistening peaks pushing up through thick snow. The mountains give way, and we come out to the vastness that Jack Kerouac called the great sea-plain of Denver. We are heading for a poetry therapy conference, and to see how the mile high city plays with the imagination.

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As usual, our parallel agenda is to see literary sites. Jack Kerouac liked Denver. We track down the grave of his close friend Neal Cassady, better known as Dean Moriarty in On the Road. The still unmarked spot is in the big old Catholic Cemetery. I lie down on the plot to commune with his rowdy energy. Being amidst all the marble angels reminds me of Kerouac's comment that the classic Beat novel is... really a story about two Catholic buddies roaming the country in search of God. And we found Him.

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