Examine how far this second punic War was caused....

Write an essay on major wars and their historical significance(the Punic wars.)

The three wars were fought between Rome and Carthage.

Overtime, in the crucible of fierce, unremitting conflict during the PunicWars, the people of the Italian peninsula came to identify themselves asRomans.

The First Punic War started in 264 B.C.

The First Punic War started over a land dispute in Sicily....

According to Harris (1979), if there was any threat on Rome’s security and on the prosperity of Rome vis-à-vis that of Carthage, then this must have been a most exaggerated threat indeed. Carthage had just finished fifty years of war indemnity payments to the Romans. This had weakened their commercial and economic standing over the half century it took to make this payment. Carthagians had tried, under very difficult circumstances, to adhere to the terms of the peace accord signed with the Romans to end the Second Punic wars. Therefore the threat on Rome’s security was virtually non-existent.

The circumstance for the Roman Punic Wars towards Rome was a simple human reaction.

The Romans might as well have asked them to grow wings and fly out into space, because this demand was the one that Carthagians could not comply with. To move would be suicidal for them. They refused to accept this outrageous demand, and the third Punic war began.

Warfare of the Second World War greatly differs from that of World War One.

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In the course of two major wars and one extended three year long siege of Carthage itself Rome would conquer its last major foe and turn the Mediterranean into a Roman lake.

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Was he right to assume that it was the actions of Hannibal and the Carthaginians that led to the war, or was there some other underlying events that took place the actually caused the Second Punic War.

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Rome; the Punic Wars Over the course of one-hundred years the Mediterranean antiquity was rocked by an ancient cold war between the North African seafaring state of Carthage, and the newly rising city of Rome located on the Italian Peninsula.

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Carthage was attacked by Rome immediately after losing the war against King Massinissa of Numidia. The reason why Carthage and Numidia went to war in the first place was because King Massinissa had for a long time been deliberately acquiring territorial lands belonging to Carthage. As has been discussed here, King Massinissa was a very strong ally of the Romans, and as he plundered the lands belonging to the Carthagians, the Romans allowed it to happen and did not restrain him. Therefore Carthage here is twice deliberately provoked to war through no fault of her own. Once Carthage has been defeated by the Numidians, the Romans then enter the fray and completely destroy an already weakened enemy. There is a diabolic pattern that seems to emerge from the chronology of these events, and it may well be that Rome had all along plotted to destroy Carthage and acquire sole rights to the Carthagians thriving merchant business. The aristocrats in Rome were very keen on expansion and increasing trading options and the erstwhile enemies the Carthagians were a hindrance which had to be overcome.